EML to PST Converter Software

It is quite easy to convert EML files to PST format by using this EML to PST converter tool. Anyone can download this software and launch it on their own system. The software is available for Windows and Mac OS computers.

  • Convert EML to PST and Other File Formats: MBOX, MSG, NSF
  • Software Supports Bulk Conversion of EML Files to PST File Format
  • Allows Split Option to Create Desired Size Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • Maintains Email Attributes: HTML Formatting, Email and File Header
  • Free Demo Version Available to Convert EML to PST for Free
  • Download EML to PST Converter and Install It on All Windows & Mac OS
best eml to pst converter
eml to pst converter

Convert EML to PST with All Attributes

EML aka Electronic Mail stores email messages with email header (sender & receiver email address, Date, Time, subject), attachments, links, inline images, signature, etc. This EML to PST converter tool ensures complete data conversion with all attributes. The software enables multiple advanced options for converting EML to PST format:

  • Wide Range of Compatibility: Use this software to convert EML files to Outlook PST format. Similarly, the tool supports exporting in a variety of email and document formats.
  • Easy to Share: All emails can be exported in document format using the software. We are all aware that document files are simple to share.
  • Create a Backup: Converting EML to PST format allows you to save emails as backups for future use.

EML to PST Converter Tool - Features

Use Free Demo Version to Convert Selected EML Files to PST Format

Convert EML to PST Format

TTD developed an advanced software to export complete data without any limitation. EML to PST converter is safe to use on any Windows OS version. It also allows the conversion of complete data from EML to PST format.

Preserves Metadata of EML Files

Metadata of EML files contains information about email messages that a normal user cannot see in the message body. Metadata contains email address (sender and receiver), data and time, subject, attachments, etc. TTD EML to PST converter maintains the metadata properties same as the EML file.

Convert EML to PST with Inline Images

TTD EML to PST converter allows exporting images and other attached documents in the message body itself. It also maintains the images quality and resolution same as in the source file. There is no option to lose any information. Check this feature by downloading EML to PST converter free demo version.

Maintains HTML Formatting of EML Files

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) formatting is the best way to beautify the message body and decorate email messages for better visualization. This EML to PST converter is capable enough to maintain the same HTML formatting as in the source EML file.

Browse Single or Multiple EML Files

The software enables two different options i.e. Add Files and Add Folders to browse the EML files in the software panel. Choose the Add File option to browse selected EML files and the Add Folder option to add the complete folder of the EML file. After that, it is easy to convert EML files to PST format.

Different Preview Modes in Software Panel

TTD EML to PST converter is developed with an advanced mechanism with inbuilt viewer features. It allows viewing emails with all associated attributes before starting the conversion process. The preview option is free and you can avail this feature in the free EML to PST converter demo version.

Allows to Create Single to Multiple PST Files

It doesn't matter that you are adding single to multiple EML files for the conversion process. The software allows creating a single or multiple PST file of required size. The TTD converter for EML to PST allows it to provide the size in MB and GB to create output after conversion.

Allows to Export Selected EML Files

EML to PST converter tool enables two different filters i.e. individually select the checkbox and date filter to export selected EML files. IF you want to export some selected EML files then check the checkbox. Apart from this, the user can provide a data range to convert selected EML files into PST format.

EML to PST Converter Tool - Specifications

Check Hardware Requirement to Convert EML to PST Format Using This Tool

Software Download

Size : 32.1 MB

Version : 7.0

Trial Limitations

Free demo version of EML to PST converter tool allows users to export only some selected EML files to check all features.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB Free Space


Minimum Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU

EML to PST Converter Tool - Comparison Table

Understand Feature Difference Bestween Free Demo and Full Version


Free Version

Full Version

Add Multiple EML Files

Auto Load EML Files into Software

Preview EML File Data

Selective Conversion of EML to PST

Perform EML to PST Conversion

Only Selected Files






EML to PST Converter Tool – FAQs

Find Answer Here and Convert EML to PST Format Using Full Version

4 Steps to Perform EML to PST Conversion

  • Step-1: Download EML to PST Converter Tool and Launch
  • Step-2: Add EML Files into Software UI using Add File / Folder
  • Step-3: Preview Email Messages with All Data in Software UI
  • Step-4: Select PST Option to Start the EML to PST Conversion

No, the software is self sufficient and does not require any supporting application to complete EML to PST conversion process.

Yes, EML to PST converter is compatible with all Windows 11 and all below versions also.

Time taken by the software depends on system configuration and size of EML files. You can use the free demo version to check the conversion speed of the software while converting EML to PST format.

No, The software has no expiry either in terms of time or number of EML files. Simply buy EML to PST converter full version and use it for lifetime.

EML to PST Converter Tool Reviews

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